Mac Repair Vancouver

Mac Repair Vancouver


We love Apple and the fantastic products they create and we pride ourselves in being experts at fixing all things Mac. Stop in for an affordable, speedy reliable Mac repair Vancouver services. You may bring your Apple device to our Mac repair Vancouver computer repair shop for a free diagnostic and quick turn-around. If you prefer to have an Mac repair Vancouver technician come to you, contact us to schedule same-day IT service.

Here are some real Mac repair Vancouver customer scenarios:

My Mac is so slow.

Slow boot up and constant pinwheeling could indicate a problem with your Mac. At Vancouver Mac repair Computer Help, you may drop in at your convenience with no appointment necessary. Time is of the essence and we get that. Your Mac needs help and we want to fix it right away for you.

My MacBook doesn’t turn on.

We’ll be happy to provide a free on-the-spot diagnostic for all power-related issues. We are able to directly repair the logic board and perform part replacements to help get you back up and running. Just need an adapter? We sell those too.

I just spilled water on my MacBook Air. Can you help?

Vancouver Computer Help routinely performs Mac spill clean repairs and is able to save you hundreds of dollars by directly removing the spill damage. Further, data recovery is one of our specialties if you simply need your stuff back.

My iMac needs a repair.

Can you come to my home or office? Mac repair Vancouver Computer Help gladly has a 25-tech team that will be able to assist you in the same day. You’ll receive a certified Apple technician who will take care of all your Apple repair needs.

I need to upgrade my MacBook.

You want to extend the life of your MacBook and we’re here to help achieve that, regardless of its age. At Vancouver Computer Help, we are service-focused and will do everything in our power to repair, upgrade, and save your precious MacBook.

Do you work on older Apple products?

Apple products are typically very well made and retain their value for years longer than other computer manufacturers. As such, we are happy to service your vintage Apple products and breathe new life into them!

Are you Apple certified?

We are currently in the process of applying to become an Apple Authorized Service Provider. We do have Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians who perform MacBook, iMac, mac mini, and other Apple repairs. We currently perform out-of-warranty repairs and look forward to becoming an Apple Authorized Service Provider so we can perform in-warranty Apple repairs. We look forward to partnering with Apple to be a proud service provider for Apple.

Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

Our Mac Repair Vancouver  Services

Fix Mac Startup / freezing

Does your Mac get a question mark at startup? Blinking folder? Gray Screen? Spinning wheel? ...

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No power fix

No power on your Mac? That’s a real bummer. But, we have been able to revive many non-powering ...

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Screen replacement

Oh no! You cracked your MacBook screen. And you need help in Vancouver Just like iPhones, MacBook ....

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Spill damage repair

For some reason, Macs love liquids. It’s the truth! We get tons of MacBooks in every day at our Mac repair.

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Hard drive replacement / upgrade / clone

Got a failing hard drive? Or just want more space? Either way, our Mac hard drive install specialists will...

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RAM / memory upgrade

Just like old age, Macs get slower over time. The easiest, most cost-effective solution is to get a RAM upgrade

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DVD drive replacement

Got a bad DVD drive, CD drive or optical drive? Or got a DVD stuck in your DVD drive?

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Password reset

Whoops, you forgot your Mac password. Don’t worry, we can take care of that for you.

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Keyboard replacement

Spilled something on your MacBook keyboard? Or maybe the keys are sticky. We are pros at replacing

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Touchpad / trackpad replacement

Over time, it is common for your MacBook trackpad to stick, get slow, and sometimes fail altogether.

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Top case replacement

Has your MacBook taken a fall? Is the top case mangled a bit? Need to replace it to get it looking

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Hinge replacement

Is your MacBook hinge falling apart? It’s possible if your Mac took a fall or from normal wear and tear.

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Battery replacement

Is your MacBook losing its battery charge? This definitely happens over time and we can replace your

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Power adapter replacement

Can’t charge your Mac? Or maybe your pet ate through the cord? We will supply you with a new MacBook

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Jack / DC-In board replacement

Not getting a charge? MacBook dead? You may require a jack / DC-in board replacement.

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Logic board replacement

Is your MacBook dead? No juice? Maybe you spilled something on it? Maybe it’s just dead.

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Install Windows on Mac

Like the look of a Mac, but prefer to work with Windows? That’s fine. We’ll install Windows on your Mac.

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Mac Won’t Boot

Does your Mac fail to power on? Or Mac isn’t loading all the way? Our Vancouver Mac experts will perform

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Set Up New Mac

Just leave your computer in the box and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure it is Internet and email ready.

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Email and Internet Mac Repair

Our Apple technicians will ensure you can browse the Internet as fast as possible.

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Mac Upgrade

You don’t need to buy a new computer if you can upgrade your current one in a cost effective manner.

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Mac Physical Damage Repair

Need some Mac body work? We will make your Mac looking like new again. Don’t worry about

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Data Recovery

Macs are well-built, but can still crash too. You can count on us as your dedicated MacBook

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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver