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At Vancouver computer Help , we offer data recovery services for all makes and models of hard drives. Our trained hard drive data recovery engineers use state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology to ensure that data is recovered from your failed hard drive.

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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

We are A affordable computer repair company in Vancouver

Vancouver Data Recovery

We know that there is no worse feeling for most people than thinking they’ve lost those precious family photos forever or accidentally deleted that painstakingly put together report for the boss due tomorrow. It’s the equivalent of losing our collector’s edition Star Trek DVD for us geeks! Rest assured though, whilst we have no idea where we put our limited edition copy of Star Trek, we’re determined to help recover your lost data. Here are some of the measures that will be taken:

Your Windows laptop will not last forever.  That’s because there is a hard drive along with other parts that have shelf lives to them.  The hard drive itself contains many moving parts that is expected to fail over time due to overheating, physical impact, dust, debris, or otherwise.  If you don’t have a file back up, we will still be able to recover your files

We recover files from the following PC issues:

  • Blue screen of death
  • Virus
  • No power
  • Laptop spill
  • Clicking laptop
  • Windows start-up issue
  • Overheating / Shutting off
  • Freezing / Slow Windows

PC and laptop data recovery Vancouver service – How does the process work?

  • Your laptop isn’t working and you need to recover your files.  Take a breath, take another one, and repeat three more times.
  • Bring your laptop or laptop hard drive to us for a free diagnostic.  We’ll let you know if it is recoverable, the cost, and turn-around time.
  • What’s the cost?  Generally, easier PC laptop recovery jobs are $85 – $250 while harder jobs are more.  It is a case by case basis so we’ll give you the exact flat fee cost according to the severity of your hard drive status.
  • Based on the diagnostic, it’s up to you to decide if you want to proceed.
  • The data recovery process may take anywhere from 1 day for non-physical hard drive issues to 5-10 days for hardware, lab recovery jobs.  We will give you more of a definitive time frame after assessing your laptop hard drive.
  • You will pay only for a successful recovery.  If we cannot recover anything, you don’t pay a penny.  If the recovery is a partial one, then we will prorate it for you.  If your required files are not recoverable, there will be no charge if you don’t want the other files.

Affordable Data Recovery

Assessment of recovery options

There’s any number of ways to go about recovering lost data and an almost endless array of tools that can assist in the process. We’ll consider every conceivable one to recover yours and your Geek will clearly explain the options to you.

Recovery of deleted files from a drive in good working order

If you’ve accidentally deleted files from a hard drive that’s otherwise in good working order, your Geek will attempt to recover them using special software created specifically for the task. Whilst we can often successfully recover data on-site, if in your case we can’t, we’ll send your hard drive away to our off-site data recovery lab for an even more advanced attempt at recovery.

Recovery of data from a damaged or dysfunctional hard drive

If you have a damaged or dysfunctional hard drive, your Geek will first attempt recovery on-site using specialist software designed for work on faulty hard drives. If for some reason we’re not successful, your hard drive will be sent to our off-site data recovery lab where extreme recovery procedures can be followed to recover lost data. A full technical assessment of the options available to you will be provided by our lab.

We Are Your Local Full Service Vancouver and Laptop Repair Experts!.

When you need your computer fixed fast at your office or home , we’re just a call away. Our computer repair technicians are highly trained and motivated to perform all repairs and services fast and accurately. Our PC and Laptop repair services include :

  • Fix broken laptop DC Power Jack/Connector
  • Water/liquid Spilled on laptop or it’s keyboard
  • Replace damaged LCD, LCD inverter board or backlight (Faded or Dimmed Image On LCD)
  • Bad AC Adapter or power not working properly
  • Laptop hard disk Boot Failure.
  • Random shut downs. Under the laptop getting too hot.
  • Data Recovery & Data Transfer
  • Broken Laptop Casing, Hinges , Latches Etc.
  • Bad notebook motherboard or fan
  • Broken LCD Or Cracked Laptop Display
  • Stripes On Laptop LCD
  • Battery Charging Issues.
  • Laptop Fan Assembly Failure.
  • Erratic Keys And Mouse Pad Issues.
  • Non Functional CD-RW or DVD Drive.
  • Remove Viruses, Spyware, ad-ware and pop-ups.
  • Security, firewall & protection against future attacks & viruses.
  • Fix windows & software problems.
  • Optimize, tune-up and make system run fast & efficient again.
  • Data backup & data transfer.
  • Get rid of error messages and blue screens dumps.
  • Our team of specialists will remove all viruses and malware  in 24 hours or less!
  • Criminals could be stealing your personal information! Viruses May slow down your PC. If you suspect you have a virus on your computer then you need to take care of it immediately!




Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver