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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

We are A affordable computer repair company in Vancouver

Email / Internet issues

Our Microsoft and Apple technicians in Vancouver will ensure you are able to browse the Internet as fast as possible.  We’ll make sure your emails are sending and receiving correctly.  You’ll be fully connected quickly and at a reasonable cost. It is not fun when you cannot access websites or your email.  It’s almost like you’re cut off from the rest of the world.  Connect again by having us fix your internet / email issues.  Don’t let these issues linger as they could get worse and cause further computer issues.  We will ensure you are connected via wireless or wired-connection again as fast as possible.

Internet / Email issues we support:

  • No wireless / network access
  • Slow Internet speed
  • Cannot send/receive emails
  • New email account setup
  • Cannot open email account
  • Excessive spam

Setup a new or existing email account

A new or existing email account will be setup for you using your choice of client (‘geek speak’ for the program or online service you use to send and receive emails). The pros and cons of different email clients can be discussed in depth onsite.

Configure multiple email accounts

If more than one email account is needed in the household, multiple accounts can be setup and configured on a variety of clients. (For example, one person might want to use Microsoft’s Outlook to send and receive emails whilst another might prefer Google’s Gmail.)

Setup archive of old emails

Most email clients need to archive emails that accumulate over time in some way. By setting up the most sensible and efficient method for this to occur, your email client will continue to be as fast and as stable as it was on the day you installed it!

Optimise email client for best performance

To optimize the performance of your particular email client, we do things like setup appropriate folder structures (in Outlook) or ‘labels’ (in Gmail) and ensure that your client’s settings automatically clear your spam and junk folders on a regular basis. Training in the various great features offered by different email clients is also undertaken.

We Are Your Local Full Service Vancouver and Laptop Repair Experts!.

When you need your computer fixed fast at your office or home , we’re just a call away. Our computer repair technicians are highly trained and motivated to perform all repairs and services fast and accurately. Our PC and Laptop repair services include :

  • Fix broken laptop DC Power Jack/Connector
  • Water/liquid Spilled on laptop or it’s keyboard
  • Replace damaged LCD, LCD inverter board or backlight (Faded or Dimmed Image On LCD)
  • Bad AC Adapter or power not working properly
  • Laptop hard disk Boot Failure.
  • Random shut downs. Under the laptop getting too hot.
  • Data Recovery & Data Transfer
  • Broken Laptop Casing, Hinges , Latches Etc.
  • Bad notebook motherboard or fan
  • Broken LCD Or Cracked Laptop Display
  • Stripes On Laptop LCD
  • Battery Charging Issues.
  • Laptop Fan Assembly Failure.
  • Erratic Keys And Mouse Pad Issues.
  • Non Functional CD-RW or DVD Drive.
  • Remove Viruses, Spyware, ad-ware and pop-ups.
  • Security, firewall & protection against future attacks & viruses.
  • Fix windows & software problems.
  • Optimize, tune-up and make system run fast & efficient again.
  • Data backup & data transfer.
  • Get rid of error messages and blue screens dumps.
  • Our team of specialists will remove all viruses and malware  in 24 hours or less!
  • Criminals could be stealing your personal information! Viruses May slow down your PC. If you suspect you have a virus on your computer then you need to take care of it immediately!




Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver