Setup a wireless home network

Setup a Wireless Home Network

Haven’t experienced the enormous benefits of a wireless home network yet? It might be time to! A home network will allow you to share an internet connection and printer as well as other files like documents, spreadsheets, movies and music between as many computers as you like.

Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

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Prefer to have a house call or office visit?

Sure, if you need computer help in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond or surrounding area we do that too, and do it well we might add.  We started out in 1999 providing onsite computer service for homes and offices so we are onsite computer set-up experts.  You may have a heavy desktop computer or have a lot of different customization you’d like to set up at your location.

Whatever the reason, sometimes, it is easier to have one of our new PC and Mac setup techs come to you.  We’ll get your new computer up and running, transfer over your old computer files, set up your printer, email, phone, peripherals, and network/internet settings.

Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

Vancouver WiFi and Wireless Router setup

Setup a network between your computers

A wireless home network will be setup using basic and affordable hardware like a router and network card/s, all of which can be supplied by you or us.

Create network share locations

Rather than having copies of shared files – ‘geek speak’ for something like a family Christmas letter that more than one person might want to work on – stored all over the place, we will create one central location for sharing and show everybody how to access it quickly and easily from any device on the network.

Enable shared printers and media devices

Your printer/s and other media devices (like an Apple TV) will be added to the network so that everyone in the home can access them from anywhere.

Connect other networkable devices

What’s also great is that many other devices are ‘networkable’ too meaning they can be added to your home network and then be accessed on other devices on that network. For example, you might want to add your smart TV and digital camera to the network so that holiday photos can be viewed on your big screen TV! We’ll help with this.

Set up a unique network name

We will help set up a unique network name of your choosing so that you can easily identify yours from others in your area.

Enable wireless encryption

Using a WPA2 security key (‘computer speak for the highest level of encryption available for your router), your personal information will be protected from online hackers and your internet connection secured against use by others.

Help to Change the default admin user name and password

All new routers come with a easy, factory-set administrator username and password. This makes them relatively insecure and vulnerable to being hacked, potentially putting any personal information stored on your network at risk. Your router’s default username and password will both be updated to ones of your choosing.




Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver

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Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver
Affordable Computer Repair Vancouver